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Glimmer Paste

Nuvo - Glimmer Paste - Plum Spinel - 962N
Nuvo - Glimmer Paste - Seaweed Quartz - 963N
Nuvo - Glimmer Paste - Raspberry Rhodolite - 964N

The colours of Nuvo Glimmer Paste can provide unique variety to your work - use in combination with any stencil to create dimensional strip designs or bring texture and sparkle to larger areas and projects. The high concentration of glitter adds a vibrant shimmer to whatever you are creating!

Glitter Accents

Nuvo - Glitter Accents - Atlantic Drift - 941N
Nuvo - Glitter Accents - Harvest Moon - 942N

Glitter Accents enable you to create a three-dimensional glitter effect on any project. These shimmering adhesives are perfect for home decor, papercraft and mixed media projects. As an alternative to Glitter Drops, the Accents allow you to decorate with a textured finish instead of a self-levelling dome.

Pure Sheen Glitter, Confetti & Sequins

Festive Season

Nuvo - Pure Sheen Glitter - Prickly Pear - 1102N
Nuvo - Pure Sheen Sequins - Prickly Pear - 1140N
Nuvo - Pure Sheen Glitter - Red Carpet - 1103N
Nuvo - Pure Sheen Confetti - Red Carpet Circles - 1062N

Arabian Nights

Nuvo - Pure Sheen Glitter - Desert Sunset - 1100N
Nuvo - Pure Sheen Confetti - Desert Sunset Stars - 1060N
Nuvo - Pure Sheen Confetti - Muted Mauve Hexagons - 1061N
Nuvo - Pure Sheen Glitter - Night Fever - 1101N

Ocean Air

Nuvo - Pure Sheen Sequins - Vanilla Delight - 1142N
Nuvo - Pure Sheen Glitter - Ivory Sands - 1107N
Nuvo - Pure Sheen Confetti - Crystal Cloud Circles - 1064N
Nuvo - Pure Sheen Glitter - Blue Opal - 1142N

Surprise Party

Nuvo - Pure Sheen Confetti - Victorian Rose Hexagons - 1063N
Nuvo - Pure Sheen Glitter - Sunny Side - 1104N
Nuvo - Pure Sheen Sequins - Periwinkle Blue - 1141N
Nuvo - Pure Sheen Glitter - Alaskan Blue - 1105N